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Join me as I build everyday systems to help address the world's greatest challenges

Welcome to Abundantly Clear by me, Evan Driscoll, where I’ll be sharing my experience as I undertake parallel transdisciplinary experiments to help more competently address the world’s biggest challenges.

You’ve heard the term “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity”?

These next few years are like that, only — for all of human civilization, ever.

On the other hand, if we fail, and if we fail again and again…

It’s disturbing to imagine just how bad things could get.

Civilization is — we are — at the precipice. (Several of them.) That’s not what this is about.

This is about imagining what is possible and experimenting to share the benefit.

This is about using our creative powers in service of our values.

This is about creating better worlds.

Actually, this is about enabling anyone to create better worlds, better.

If we can get better at getting better, maybe we have a chance.

I am working to create infrastructure-grade ways of doing just that.

Others are too.

I want to share these wondrous developments with you.

Never before have we been so capable of creating novel wonders together.

Consider that the first commercial nuclear reactors were built in the 1950s. We could be all running on safe nuclear energy by now. They fired the guy who could have helped us accomplish that vision though. He was too concerned with safety.

“Alvin, if you are concerned about the safety of reactors, then I think it may be time for you to leave nuclear energy.”

Never before have individuals wielded such power

Today, we have the term “nuclear start up”.

Things can change very fast, for good or ill.

We still have a lot of fragility baked into the infrastructure of everyday life.

Our institutions are full of unnecessary games and their bureaucracies are being gamed, so we do well to put a considerable portion of our collective energy elsewhere—not at all to starve our critical institutions, but to not put all our eggs in one basket.

Yeah, so social media has catalyzed many problems. Would it all be so problematic if everyone had access to free energy, water, food, shelter? This is technologically possible, even if it may seem politically dead on arrival.

It’s staggering to consider the pace of change we are undertaking.

If we continue to fuck up over the next few years, again, it’s hard to imagine just how bad things could get.

Again, that’s not what this is about.

Let me tell you, it’s not so crazy to feel crazy today. Many societies have been working to ensure it.

Again, civilization is — we are at the precipice.

Again, the yawning chasm at the edge is not what this is about—it is about flying over it and into the future.

Let us step back from ruin. We can create better worlds.

Culture, philosophy, science, and technology can light our way through dark times.

These dispatches will show you as much.

Welcome to Abundantly Clear by me, Evan Driscoll, sharing my point of view as I experiment to help us more competently address the world’s biggest challenges.

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